Christella Antoni

Christella Antoni, UK

Senior Voice Specialist SLT

  • Senior Voice Specialist SLT (Voice Disorders & Performance Voice).
  • Senior Voice Specialist SLT in Transgender & Gender Diverse Voice.
  • Teaching courses, presentations & resources for SLTs .


Christella Antoni is a Consultant SLT who specialises in Voice work. Qualifying in 1995 from UCL, Christella worked for 15 years as a Lead Voice Clinician for both Imperial Hospitals NHS Trust at Charing Cross Hospital and for West London Mental Health Trust at the Gender Identity Clinic.
Currently, Christella now primarily works in Independent practice. She was the former SLT professional representative on the committee of British Laryngological Association (BLA) and is the U.K representative on the Voice and Communication Committee of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health.
Christella has extensive training in Voicecraft and is noted for her own ability to demonstrate voice qualities. As well as voice rehabilitation, Christella works with professional voice, singing and performance voice and transgender voice modification. Since 2001, Christella has offered courses to SLTs in Voice and transgender voice providing training in practical voice skills and exercises underpinned by theoretical knowledge and background. Her courses are consistently rated as ‘excellent’ by attendees. She has supported many SLTs on a national level via training, mentoring and supervision and is a keen supporter of SLT students. As well as continuing to present widely at conferences and courses, Christella has appeared in a range of television and radio broadcasts including ITV’s Transformation Street (2018) and the ‘This Morning’ programme (2004-2017); Radio Wolfgang’s Science(ish) (2016); BBC Radio 4’s The Vox Project ; Stephen Fry’s English Delight (2010); BBC 4’s The Voice (2008); and A Voice Like Honey, BBC Radio 2 hosted by a Jan Ravens (2006)

Memberships & Publications

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  • Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) U.K; Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists (RCSLT);
  • Member Association on SLTs in Independent Practice (MASLTIP); European Association For Transgender Health (EPATH);
  • World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH);
  • British Voice Association (BVA); British Laryngological Association (BLA);
  • Associate Member International Association of Trans Voice Surgeons (IATVS).
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