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Welcome to the International Association of TransVoice Surgeons. Our mission is to support the transgender community with specialized voice modification services that are tailored to each individual’s needs. We understand that voice is a significant aspect of your identity, and our team of experienced surgeons and voice therapists is here to guide you through every step of your journey towards achieving a voice that reflects your true self.

Hess, MarkusFounding member2022Germany

Kim, Hyung-TaeFounding member2022South Korea

Al Yaghchi, ChadwanFounding member2022United Kingdom

Casado Morente, Juan CarlosFounding member2022Spain

Geneid, Ahmed Founding member2022Finland

Kapoor Nerurkar, NupurFounding member2022India

Birkent, HakanFounding member2022Turkiye

Yelken, KursatFounding member2022Turkiye

Ballestas, AntonioFounding Member2022Colombia

Remacle, MarcFounding member2022Luxemburg

Thomas, JamesFounding Member2022USA

Mürbe, DirkFounding member2022Germany

Catani, Guilherme Full member2023Brazil

Paddle, Paul M.Full member2023Australia

Staccini, MarcoFull member2023Italy

Tomassen, PeterFull member2023Belgium

Kinnari, TemuFull member2023Finland

Best, SimonFull member2024USA

Campos, EricaFull member2024Brazil

Antoni, ChristellaAssociate member2024United Kingdom

Yung, KatherineFull member2024USA

Rameau, AnaisAssociate member2024USA

Theodore AthanasiadisFull member2024Australia

Daniel NovakovicAssociate member2024Australia

H. Steven SimsFull member2024USA