World renowned laryngologists and voice surgeons from all around the globe joined forces to establish the

International Association of TransVoice Surgeons.

Our mission

The International Association of TransVoice Surgeons (IATVS) was established to improve the knowledge of voice care of the transgender community and develop high-quality, evidence-based surgical techniques for voice gender affirmation surgery. We dedicate to professional education for trans voice surgeons and research on voice genders affirmation surgery such as voice feminization, voice masculinization, and voice optimization.

Our Vision

The International Association of TransVoice Surgeons (IATVS) brings together world-renowned laryngologists and voice surgeons to improve the voice of trans people and provide a better life for them. Our vision is that IATVS, the first organization of voice surgeons for the transgender community, will be remembered by the next generation of voice surgeons as a great starting point and achievement for transgender voice care, although it is a small start.

The Board

Markus Hess


Hyung-Tae Kim

General Secretary

Chadwan Al Yaghchi


Ahmed Geneid

Vice President

Honorary member Juergen Wendler

The inauguration was attended by Professor emeritus Juergen Wendler (Germany), who invented the glottoplasty technique that is nowadays a widely performed surgical method for voice feminization.