Guilherme Simas do Amaral Catani

Guilherme Simas do Amaral Catani, Brazil

Otolaryngologist (ENT) and Professor of Otorhinolaryngology

  • He completed his specialist training at the Federal University of Paraná (ENT) in 2000
  • Master in Medicine (Surgical Clinic) (2011) and Doctorate in Medicine (Surgical Clinic) from the Federal University of Paraná (2015).
  • Professor of Otorhinolaryngology


Currently an Otorhinolaryngologist at the Hospital de Clínicas of UFPR. Adjunct Professor of Otorhinolaryngology at UFPR. Coordinator and Professor of the Lato Sensu Specialization in Otorhinolaryngology at UFPR. Preceptor of Medical Residency in Otorhinolaryngology, Hospital de Clínicas, UFPR. Head of the voice surgery clinic for transgender people, Federal University of Paraná.

Laryngologist trained in laryngeal microsurgery and laryngeal framework surgeries (Thyroplasties).

Since 2017, he has specialized in Voice Feminization Surgeries

Memberships & Publications


  • “Otorhinolaryngology in the Transsexualization Process.”                             ISBN 9789555721034
  • “The Voice in the Transsexualization Process: A Guide for Vocal Transition” ISBN 9798474584331
  • “Laryngeal Microsurgery Surgical Technique in Augmented Reality” ISBN-13 4 978-6555720525
  • “Guide for Vocal Readjustment for Transgender People”. ISBN 9786525027272


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  • Ongoing Systematic Review: “Effectiveness of Type 3 Thyroplasty to achieve sufficient pitch reduction for mutational falsetto: A Systematic Review PROSPERO 2023 CRD42023391727 Available from:
  • World Professional Association for Transgender Health WPATH, full member since 2021
  • European Laryngological Society
  • Brazilian Academy of Laryngology and Voice, member of the vocal readjustment committee for transgender people.
  • Brazilian Association of Otorhinolaryngology and Cervico-Facial Surgery
    • Thyroplastytype-III in mutational falsetto: 33 cases
    • Type 3 Thyroplasty, results
    • Variation in surgical technique of Type 3 Thyroplasty
    • Voz en el proceso transexualizador
    • Voice in the Transgender Process and Adjunct Aesthetic Procedures
    • Thyroplasty