Juergen Wendler, Germany

Otolaryngologist (ENT) and Phoniatrist

  • Institute for Advanced Study of the Communication Proces¬ses, Univ. of Florida, Gainesville, U.S.A., 1978
  • Chair Phoniatrics and Pedaudiology Charité, 1990
  • Founding Member, Board of Directors, World Voice Consortium, 1992
  • Honorary member International Association of TransVoice Surgeons, 2022


* Dresden 1930. ENT and phoniatrics (in Halle with Pfau, in Prague with Seeman), 1969-1995 Head Phoniatric Dept. Charité Berlin, Sen. Res. Fellow Univ. of Florida, Gainesville. Ca. 300 publications (mainly on voice); sen. author “Lehrbuch der Phoniatrie und Pädaudiologie, Thieme, 4rd ed. 2005, coauthor to W. Seidner “Die Sängerstimme”, Henschel, 4th ed. 2004, lectures around the globe. Secretary General UEP 1983-92, Chairman IFOS Committee on Phoniatrics and Voice Care 1985-97, Counsellor to IFOS, Founding Member World Voice Consortium, Member CoMeT.

Memberships & Publications

Wendler J (1990). Vocal pitch raising after transsexualism male to female. Abstr. XVIth UEP Congress, Salsomaggiore, p. 65

Wendler J (1994). Pitch raising by shortening of the glottis. 3rd Intern. Symp. Phonosurgery, Kyoto, p. 14

Wendler J (1994). Video: Glottoplasty for Raising Pitch. SVHS, 7 min.

Wendler J, Mainka A (2022). Wendler-Glottoplasty. Video-Interview, 15 min.

1974 – 1978   Founding President, Section Phoniatrics, East-Germany

1978 – 1989   Chairman “Phoniatrics”, Academy Postgradual Medical Education, East-Germany

1976 – 1977   President, UEP

1983 – 1992   General Secretary, UEP

1989 – 1997   Chairman, “Phoniatrics and Voice Care”, IFOS

1997               Counsellor, IFOS

1980               Member, CoMeT

1992               Member, Council International Association of Phonosurgeons

1994 – 2012   Founding Member, Board of Directors, World Voice Consortium