Theodore Athanasiadis

Theodore Athanasiadis, Australia

ENT, Laryngologist

  • Completed Ear, Nose and Throat specialist training in South Australia in 2011.
  • Completed fellowship in Laryngology, Auckland, NZ 2012
  • Opened Adelaide Voice Clinic and Flinders University Voice Clinic in 2013.


Dr Athanasiadis (MMBS, PhD, FRACS) is the medical director of the Adelaide Voice Clinic. He also works as a laryngologist at Flinders Medical Centre and Senior lecturer at Flinders University in South Australia. He is director of the laryngology fellowship at Flinders and past President of the Laryngology Association of Australasia. He has authored over 40 publications and book chapters and lectured widely both nationally and internationally on laryngological issues.

Upon completion of his advanced training in Otolaryngology in 2012, he was fortunate to receive the Marjorie Hooper Travelling Scholarship from the RACS allowing him to complete a further year of sub specialty training in laryngology. On returning to Adelaide, Theo established voice centres both at Flinders University as well as in private practice working in close collaboration with speech pathologists, singing teachers and voice and swallowing scientists. With these collaborations he has fostered and expanded the laryngology research program at Flinders with active research interests in the areas of chronic cough, respiratory papillomatosis, vocal fold augmentation and dysphagia. Theo has been involved with voice affirming surgery since 2013.

Memberships & Publications

  • American Laryngological Association (ALA)
  • American Broncho-Oesophagological Association (ABEA)
  • European Laryngological Society
  • Laryngology Society of Australasia (LSA)
  • Australia Voice Association
  • Australian Medical Association
  • Australasian Society of Head and Neck Surgery (ASOHNS)
  • Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS)

Local State:

  • Gender Network of South Australia – 2 presentations on voice feminization in 2016 and 2017


  • Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, Annual Scientific Congress. Gender Affirmation – surgical options: The surgeon’s role and current techniques in voice feminization. May 2023
  • Laryngology Society of Australasia, Grand Round March 2022. Voice feminisation complications
  • Australian round table on Gender Affirming Surgery Sydney 2nd Dec 2023


  • Olympus “train the trainer” course August 2023: voice feminisation techniques